When a business owner or developer sets forth on a new construction or renovation project, they need a point person to run lead over the project. Sometimes that is a general contractor and sometimes that is a construction manager.

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What is the difference between a general contractor and construction manager?

What’s the difference? Is there a difference? Aren’t they the same thing? All good questions, and we are going to clear up the confusion around these roles.

From afar, both roles appear to function similarly  – serving as the lead to manage and/or complete the work required for your  project. A closer look will reveal that   the organizational structure, business relationship with the owner or developer, and place in the project timeline are quite different.

General Contractor

Every construction project, from a new build to a complete renovation, to a remodel, requires someone to serve as the conductor to organize and manage all the moving parts. A general contractor is the conductor that brings  all of the various elements of a construction project together to ensure all needs are met, timelines are followed, and the right people are hired for the job.

The primary responsibilities of a general contractor include daily on-site project management, hiring and supervising the work force, and client communications. A general contractor is involved in the project from start to finish and can also be capable of self-performing portions of the project with its own crews.

Other responsibilities that fall to general contractors include:

  • Pre-bid site surveys.
  • Management of the construction schedule and adjustments if there are delays.
  • Following building guidelines and regulations.
  • Coordination with vendors to provide materials and equipment.
  • Hiring specialized subcontractors for the project.
  • Quality assurance to ensure the work is up to standard and proceeding according to
  • Closeout documents are provided as the end of the project.
  • A warranty is offered at substantial completion of the project.

Construction Manager

A construction manager’s role in a project focuses on representing the owner or developer’s interest and providing oversight over the entire project directly for the owner/developer. Their directive  is to work with all parties to deliver the project on time, at or under budget, and to the owner’s expected standard of quality, scope, and function.

The construction manager can have a wide range of responsibilities on a project depending on the size and scope of the project. Those responsibilities can include:

  • Putting bid packages together and presenting them to the owner/developer.
  • Interviewing and choosing the general contractor(s) or subcontractors to work on projects. A construction manager may also seek bids like a general contractor.
  • Creating schedules for their project sites.
  • Serving as the primary liaison between the owner/developer and the architect, engineers, administrators, general contractor, etc. to ensure that all aspects of the contract can be fulfilled and that the budget can be adhered to.

Wojcik Builders Offers Both

Wojcik Builders offers both general contractor and construction manager services giving clients greater flexibility in managing their construction or remodeling projects.

Ryan Shumaker, president of Wojcik, said working with a construction company that can perform the work, hire and manage contractors, liaison with the client and manage the entire process, provides clients with numerous benefits.

“Clients can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of a proven general contractor and construction manager when they work with Wojcik,” said Shumaker. “Seeing the entire scope of the project from start to finish allows us to stay on top of the details and keep the project on track and on budget.”

If your business is looking for a commercial construction partner that goes the extra mile to deliver project on-time, on budget and that exceed expectations, call Wojcik Builders at 440-786-1776.

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